Johnson City, TN

On March 9, 2012, more than 50 Mountain Justice volunteers descended upon Johnson City, TN to bring the fight against Mountain Top Removal to a regional branch of the global financial institution, UBS, for their funding of the community poisoning coal mining technique.

Many were students from all over America, from Minnesota to Florida, in the area forMountain Justice Spring Break, a week long service and learning event focused on building leadership within the youth movement for a clean and just energy future. Carrying signs and singing songs, the demonstrators brought a lively street theater to the sleepy strip mall housing the local presence of the world’s largest funder of mountaintop removal.

The group, joined by members of Occupy Johnson City, sought to bring attention to the cozy relationship between Big Wall St. Banks and Big Coal’s insatiable hunger for profit over the health and safety of the 99%. Enraged by the crushing realities faced by folks living in the shadow of active strip mines in Wise County, the marchers read their Declaration of Grievances, demanding that UBS immediately end financing coal corporations engaged in the destruction of Appalachian Mountains. They sang the classic song of union and solidarity, “Which Side Are You On”, demanding that UBS get on the right side of history and the right side of Justice.

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