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14 arrested in Stamford actions against UBS

On Monday, November 25th, 14 people were arrested for peaceful demonstrations against UBS. As of Tuesday evening, 8 are still in jail. Their court date isn’t until January 8th! Can you help us get them out? You can donate to their legal fund here!


If you can’t spare any cash, we would love your help spreading their story. Please check out these posts on our Facebook page, or share this blog post with friends.

The 8 folks still in jail are being transferred to new facilities this evening; we will provide addresses for sending them support mail when they are booked.

UPDATE: Below are the addresses of some folks in jail who would love to hear from you!

Kyle Gibson, Inmate #400481 / Bridgeport Correctional Facility / 1106 North Avenue / Bridgeport, CT / 06604


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